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Answer Videos for Exam Questions

Eminent Teachers narrate Answers in Videos the same way they do in Classrooms.  There are Answers for thousands of Exam Questions. You can understand how answers are derived with systematic explanations. Watch those videos for improving your ability to write specific Answers for specific Questions. And that helps you to Score More Marks in Exams.

About ShowAns

Students need to learn how to write answers correctly.  In ShowAns, Students can select questions for which they need answers. Our talented Teachers have already kept those Questions answered in Video format.  By watching how our teachers answer questions, Students learn the most appropriate method of answering.

We have accumulated, segregated and answered thousands of Syllabus specific Questions. Students can select questions based on their syllabus, subject and topic and find Answers.  This is the most specific and targeted mode of Exam preparation.  And Success follows the one who prepares brilliantly!

Why ShowAns?

Answering is absolute Learning…

All students believe they know that all, till they face questions! It is not the lack of knowledge, but their inability to properly Answer questions fails them.

If you learn how to answer Questions, you learn how to score more marks.

ShowAns endeavour to achieve that!

How ShowAns Helps?

Seeing is believing!

Students learn by seeing Teachers solving Questions.  When Teachers explain every step of Answers systematically, Students tend to remember that flow.  Videos are the best form for learning.

By watching how Questions are Answered, Students effectively learn how to write answers on Exam papers.  Excellent Answers defenitely get them more marks.


for Quick Answers

Showans gets you quick answers.  It’s really easy to search through questions and pick up answers.  All questions are segregated and answered individually.

learn the skill of answering

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Experience how Answer Videos help you understand methods of Answering Questions.